You get the highest conversion when you reach your CUSTOMERS on their mobile phone.

Mobile App

The internet has shifted from desktop to mobile. According to Google, 50 percent of the searches are conducted through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But the conversion through mobile devices lags behind the conversion through desktops and laptops. The reason for this is that websites are still not the optimal medium to use by mobile devices, especially smartphones, and to motivate the customer to place orders or to convert by other actions. This has to do with the amount of information on a website and the limited space on a mobile screen. Regardless of whether your website is now responsive or not.

The Mobile App is the perfect medium for your customer and to achieve your bonline usiness goals through mobile devices. The app is completely adjusted to the screen of a mobile phone or tablet. In addition, the information on the app is much better suited to the purpose of mobile use. The customer contact your organization with one touch of a button, but even more important you can also reach the customer as an individual. On his mobile telephone.

Our Approach

Not so long ago developing an app was an expensive solution. Each app was built up from the beginning. The developer started writing complex code and at the end an app was launched in one of the app stores. And for the other app stores this entire process had to be repeated again.

NOT ANYMORE … We offer you through our platform now the possibility to make use of the fastest way of building apps in the Benelux, maybe even in the world. Without compromising on quality and possibilities.

Now create your own app with Appzmaker and start today with reaching your customers on their mobile telephone or tablet. One solution for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. And that based on a subscription fee without huge investments upfront.

Mobile App Development

We make together with you an unique app for your customers. Go mobile and communicate with your customers.

Online in Google and Apple Stores

Real native apps which your customers can find and download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Mobile Marketing

Reach your customers direct on their mobile telephone and create the closest relation you can get through their best friend. The mobile telephone.

The app is the ultimate marketing solution

We all think about it. How do I reach my customer? How do I motivate my client to do more business with my company? To order more? Come more often into my business? Which marketing method does work and which no longer. Do I place an ad in the newspaper or a magazine. Do I invest in Google Adwords, or will we design a new brochure. You can spend your money only once and preferably to something that earns the investment back soon (and more).

The investment in a mobile app is low and payments are based on a monthly subscription, the use of the app is very simple, the connection with the customer becomes 1-to-1, and you can measure the use and results in detail. There is no reason anymore not having your own app.

This does an app (and your website not)

  • Perfect mobile information
  • Easy to maintain yourself
  • Contact your customer personally
  • Customer reaches you with one touch of a button
  • You image will be a modern one
  • You know who uses your app
  • Mobile marketing campaigns are easy to plan

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