Seo Optimization

When your website is not visible in Google, there are also no new customers coming to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization-SEO-Keywords Optimization. There are manu names used to describe SEO. But in the end it means: How do you get your website better ranked in Google and therefor easier to find on the most important keyword (combinations) that are related to your organization. So that people who don’t yet know your organization but are looking for your product or service will find your website above that of all other websites. Mobile XL uses a scientific and proven model for improving the findability of websites in Google. Google’s algorithm is a secret, nobody knows exactly what it is. But by listening to Google and the experiences we gain every day working with our customers, we know what is important and what is not.

Also, we are very well aware of the (un)written rules of Google. In addition to this, we monitor the internet continuously with a large number of tools. All this makes it possible for Mobile XL to achieve the best possible position in Google for our customers.

When your website is not well enough to find in Google your potential customers will find the website of  your competitor who is visible in Google. The result: missed potential revenue.

Many websites are not visible in Google. Beautiful created websites in which a lot of money has been invested, but no visitors. Compare this with a very nice brochure that you do not give to your prospects but leave behind loocks in your drawer. It is both a waste of time and the money you invested.

Bring your Business to a higher level online

When you are better visible in Google with the, for your organization, important keywords or keyword combinations, it will result in more visitors for your website. More visitors results in a higher conversion. And conversion means achieving objectives, such as ultimately more revenue.

Analysis of the website

For an existing Web site that is not well visible in Google we initially do a comprehensive analysis. Compare this with when you are sick and have to go to the doctor. The doctor examine you first before he tells you what is wrong with you and then give you a medication. Depending on the outcome of our analysis we will advise an improvement program. You are free to carry out these improvements with whom you want. You can do this yourself when you manage your own website or ask your website developer to make the improvements, realize that most website developers know very little of SEO. And of course we can support you with implementing the improvements for you.

Content is key

Many opinions in the world named SEO, but one thing stands out, the most important thing is content. Google reads your website and determined than what the topic and value is of your website and webpages . Your position in Google is for the largest part based on this. You can use all technical tricks, but when your content is not good enough then it’s impossible to get a high ranking in the natural search results of Google.

When you already know that your content is not sufficient then our advice is always, take care of this first. When you have sufficient content on your website then it is useful to make a complete analysis and look for the technical adjustments that can be made to your website to get a better position in Google.

Optimizing your website is not a continuous process. It’s a one time investment that makes your website better and the increase the performance.

Warning: it not necessary for a better SEO to have monthly subscriptions to monitor your website and optimize it every month. Also here the comparison with the doctor applies again. The doctor makes you better based on his knowledge, to do this, you follow a treatment. Depending on how sick you are this is less or more work. When you are better then maybe you will go back a few times for an extra control check-up. We do this with your customers as well. But in general it is the case that when you are better you don’t need to keep paying us every month.


It is important to understand what the process is before you start with a search engine optimization (SEO) project. It is a proven process by which the complexity, intensity and time required is determined by the state of the current website.


It is necessary to first determine which keyword(combinations) are the best for the website to be found on. An analysis of this gives clarity in the competition and shows possible alternatives that are better suitable.


Based on the outcome of the keyword research we analyse the website and the competition. Content = Key!!


After the analysis the improvements need to be implemented. By yourself your webdesigner or our team.


After a period of 4 till 8 weken, sometimes sooner, we measure the results and make further adjustments to the site.

Why a SEO analysis is necessary for your business?

Position in Google is important

Research shows that people find new websites for almost 85% procent through searchengines.

Google Decides Everything

96% of the Internet users starts their search with Google.

Effective for your strategy

With a good SEO analysis you wil get a good view about the possibilities of your website and capabilities of reaching prospects.

342 miljoen Search results

In januari 2016, rmore then 17.5 miljoen searchactions gave 342 miljoen searchresults through Google.

Finding New Customers

A website which is solid and SEO friendly will bring new visitors to your website and your organization. New customers are key to growth.

The Perception of people

The perception of people is that the higher your website is rated by Google the better your organization is.

Visable in Google?
The beginning is here

A number 1 position we can’t promise you (and we are not allowed to do so), but a huge measurable improvement in comparison with your current visibility that is guaranteed.